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8 months Ago

This also doesn't work for me.

portis.isLoggedIn().then(({ error, result }) => { console.log(error, result); });

Even when logged in, this always returns: null, false


8 months Ago

I am trying to implement isLoggedIn but it only returns true after calling getAccounts() or enable() which both show the popup. Is there something i am missing?

Tom Teman

9 months Ago

You can now use the isLoggedIn method! https://docs.portis.io/#/methods?id=isloggedin

TrαΊ§n Trung

11 months Ago


Itay Radotzki

11 months Ago

Hi πŸ‘‹ Currently, you can use portis._selectedAddress as a workaround. We will update here when we have a specific function for it :) Thanks! πŸ™